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first post [09 Mar 2006|11:58pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

i made this account so that, to quote from my very first entry, i could have "a place where i could release all my emotions without being exposed to those who know me personally. people do judge. and, i am afraid to be inspected."

my story so far.Collapse )

this journal was made so that i could talk about my romantic emotions freely and without barriers. after all, that's what we all need.

(to be cross-posted at _secretlyinlove)

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[30 Jan 2005|03:53pm]

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New [12 Apr 2004|06:27pm]

Hey everybody! I am new in this community. I am not sure whether or not I am supposed to post anything to join but I will anyways. I am so happy right now that I have found you people. In a way it is a relieve that I am not the only one that will be obsessive over people but never tell them.
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Hello, New Girl. [03 Oct 2003|04:34pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

I need to vent about my fears.

Boy #1. I had a huge fucking crush on him that lasted something like 2 years. Eventually, my best friend started to like him for some reason (after having told me to never try with him because he had an enormous lack of respect for people) and they are now dating. So that made me think I should actually say sth to the guy I like when I like him. And like.. that was a big slap in my face.

Boy #2. He's adorable. Hot, calm, quiet and he's a dreamer. Last time I saw him, we went to sit in the sun and we talked until the beginning of our classes. He even asked me if I had met anyone in class and laughed when I replied no (I'm kinda anti-social). We have the same interests, love the same music and we're probably going to a concert together in November. The thing is I'm wondering if he actually knows my name and whether or not he remembers me from time to time because we rarely see each other and he always seems to be in outerspace.
One worry I have is that my best friend happens to find him attractive and I'm afraid #1 will happen once more.

Boy #3. I've known him for years. He's a guy I see from time to time and with whom I'm friends with. He's hot in the same way as #2 except that he's a bit on the nervous side. Last year, he kissed me when he was drunk and used to like hugging me and stroking my hair. Eventually, that died out. I suppose it has to do with the very close relationship I have with my male best friend (hand holding, hugging, kissing, sleeping together) as we were on vacation together this summer. Anyway, he keeps saying I'm weird and apparently, he has problems understanding who I am.

Boy #1.
- is normally dealt with. I'm over him and he's dating.
- Why does he keep looking intently at me?
- Why does he sometimes talk with me as if his gf (my best friend) wasn't there?
Boy #2.
- Does he actually recognise me?
- Does he like me?
- Am I a possible interest?
Boy #3.
- What now?
- Will he attempt anything?
- Did he use to like me and doesn't anymore?

Thank you for reading.

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[19 Aug 2003|01:16am]

[ mood | confused ]

i held a party recently, and many of my friends came over.

lots of girls, lots of guys.....some making out.

but it turns out that all of the strangers who made out never asked their tonguemates for numbers.

later on, i was talking to another friend who told me the same thing happened at his party, but not as much.

we both agree, that is fucking weird.

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[26 Jun 2003|09:22pm]

[ mood | stoned ]

i'm curious.

what kind of people do you think you attract?

i think i attract rocker girls......and sometimes hippies.

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[25 Jun 2003|09:21pm]

if you guys like Blinkies and Icons Joinjust_too_cute ya know a wanna
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[23 Jun 2003|05:48pm]

everyone Join theotherjustin
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so i'm finally here.... [20 Jun 2003|01:16am]

even though I dubbed myself a dateless wonder waaaaaay back in high school and jokingly suggested this community to joni, i've never actually posted. I was sorta in fuck-the-world-boys-suck-ass mode when this started up but now since i'm just slightly less cynical, i thought i'd pop in and say hi. So yeah, psycho babbling aside, that's all. :)

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[18 Jun 2003|10:08pm]

[ mood | blah ]

ok, there's another girl who likes me. but i'm not ga-ga about her in that way.

i don't want to be a complete asshole, but i also need to clarify things. so how do i get her to stop liking me without ruining our friendship?

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[10 Jun 2003|04:26pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

i think my friend has a crush on me.

so far, she's-
ditched her boyfriend to attend my friend's band practice....just to hang out with me
paid for my meals.....even when i told her i would pay
offered study help
and every weekend, she calls up to see if i'm busy.

theres more to the story, but a girl's point of view would be appreciated.

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22 members [04 Jun 2003|12:44pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I've been lazy and didn't do this when I said I was so we have 22 members ::woot, woot:: keep Advertising !! and anyone can join dateless, not dateless, with problems, problem solvers, post your poems, post your pictures, but I do ask that if you see that a perosn is asking for help please comment and try to help them out
Joni & Dana

  1. _bizarre_kid_

  2. carebears420

  3. celica_chick

  4. everystupidsong

  5. evil13kitten666

  6. just__a__girl

  7. kanato

  8. kandydevil

  9. kimberlyann13

  10. kuntillafied

  11. sugar_candy

  12. _lilou

  13. msds51

  14. popeslaughter

  15. pryncesssabrina

  16. purple_m0nkey

  17. jujukoo

  18. roxygurl56

  19. slowly_drifting

  20. murderoftwo

  21. xillusions

  22. xxstarchyldexx

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[03 Jun 2003|09:38pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

hi.......what happened to that other crush community?

it looks like this one has continuous updates.

i'm not a dateless wonder, but i do crush on many girls.

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ok here it goes...Sorry its so long [02 Jun 2003|11:12am]

Ok so I met this guy Chris, he's not like all the guys I meet. I mean after the last huge relationship I had, I havn't been able to have anymore just because I'm scared I'm going to get hurt, so I basically have meaningless pointless sex, or relationships. Now that you know my background I'll explain the problem now.

I really like this guy Chris, he knows it and I know he likes me. He's one of those guys who will more then likely push u away if u try to do anything with him before u get to know him on a detailed bases and thats exactly what Ive been looking for. However I don't really remember how to do this, since I havnt had a relationship like this forever. I cant get my mind out of thinking that we have to have sex....we need to have sex....or just something sexual. Thats not the only problem, I've been working really hard on trying not to end up doing stupid things like doing something sexual with someone while I'm drunk and well maybe I just shouldn't get drunk anymore...because on saturday chris came over with a bunch of his friends and then he left cause he had some sorta birthday thing he had to go to. Anyways he left me with his friend iggy. He knows I like Chris so he wouldn't try anything however when two people get drunk and are left alone in a room a lot of things can go wrong... I didnt do anything extremely bad Im actually pretty proud of myself that i didnt, but there was some flirting going on and i did kiss him twice but pulled away. He pinned me down and gave me a hicky on my neck but I mean we both were just playin around we didnt mean anyhting by it. So now I had chris over the next day and he seemed fine with everything that happened although when Iggy came over later with my friend, Chris pulled away from me. its like he wouldnt even let me get near him at all and before Iggy came over I was holding onto Chris and he was fine with it.

1.Why does Chris act like he doesnt want to be near me when were with Iggy?
2.How do I show Chris that he means absolutly everything to me and hes extremly important and that I didn't mean to hurt him if I did?
3.And also I want to sit down with Chris and talk to him, like explain my past history so he would understand who I am and that its going to take a lot of work to get back into a relationship with me, but how do i do that? Is it appropriate to have him just hang out with me by ourselves?
4.Could it be that because Iggy basically started something up with me that Chris now feels like Iggy made a move on me and I'm his now so Chris has no chance? I really don't know how guys think.

I'm not a slut or a whore, I havnt slept with tons of guys, so please dont think that way, its just my relationships are based on sex and I'm sick of it and I want help...
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[29 May 2003|08:25pm]

Hi all, I just joined. I don't know if there's a standard post for joining this community or not, so I'll just say hi for now.
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[25 May 2003|02:50am]

Join i_am_jesus</big>

+ Post your picture to get voted on whether or not you can be part of the community.
+ Post ANY pictures with the livejournal cut tag.
+ You can't stamp people, that is our job.
+ You can't vote until you've been approved(stamped).
+ No insulting, otherwise you will be banned.
+ Judge on whatever you want
- The overrall picture, the background, the bedspread the person has that you can see in the background, we don't care.
+ unappropriate posts will be deleted and you will be banned.
+ If stamped with a no, you will be banned. Oh, and don't come spam our journals. We trace I.Ps, we will find your address and send porn to your mom and dad. Thanks.

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[15 May 2003|05:34pm]

Everyone Join soso_sexy
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[14 May 2003|08:22pm]

Some shameless plugging..

If you're in a long-distance relationship, or thinking about being in one, or are getting over one, please join my community: 3500_miles_away

And if you'd like, add me, also. Always looking for new friends.
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FaN sIgNs!!! [08 May 2003|11:37pm]

Haye!! Everyone!! I was thinking Fan Sign for the Site would Rawk!! then I could post those in other communites and such !! Send them it !! have Datesless Wonders on there somewhere It doesn't matter what they say !!
happy Sign making
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my poem.... [06 May 2003|12:24am]

[ mood | creative ]

So I wrote this poem like almost 2 years ago about a guy I still love to this day..... I thought hmmm it's about a guy and it is Dateless Wonders so I wanted to see what you guys think
let me know

I hurt when you hurt
I hurt when you hurt,
I see the pain in your eyes,
your heart is cryin’ as you smile,
your eyes only want her,
you think you’ll never love again,
your eyes only want her, your heart as well,
your brain screams don’t look back,

You came to me with problems and dreams,
I listened as you poured out your heart and soul,
A tear fell as you said if it wasn’t for her,
I hurt when you hurt,
I never wanted to want you ,
I never wanted to feel this way,

My brain says no,
My heart says yes,
I wonder “what if “ there was never a her,
I never wanted to think of you,
I never wanted to miss you,
you told me you cared,
as days pass and nites fall,
I wonder. I think.
Does he really hurt when I hurt ?
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